Crab Shadow

What is this?

This is a party game from the creators of
Exploding Kittens and The Oatmeal.

2 Minutes to learn!
Tartar Sauce!
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How it Works

A 30 Second Tutorial

Team Play

Split up into teams of two.

Privately decide on a secret signal with your teammate, such as touching your nose or blinking a lot.

Players at Table

Sit across from each other and draw cards.

Try to get four of a kind.


If you get four of a kind,
You have crabs.

Hand of Crabs

Try to communicate this to your partner using your Secret Signal.

Wink Wink
Hand of Crabs

If your partner sees your signal and yells
"you’ve got crabs," you GAIN a point.

Hand of Crabs

If an opponent sees your signal and yells
"you’ve got crabs," you LOSE a point.

Whichever team
catches the most crabs,

That's it!


you play with our

Imitation Crab Expansion.

It contains two wearable crab claws:

Imitation Crab Claws
Grabbing Cards with Imitation Crab Claws

And one powerful
expansion card

Imitation Crab Card

Whoever holds the card

Must wear the claws!

In other words,
the more of an advantage you give yourself in the game,
the more you start to resemble an actual crab.

You've Got Crabs Game
You've Got Crabs Card Samples

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